What are the differences between the MPFParis tool and the other questionnaires?

The MPFParis tool measures behavior based on the research and development work conducted by Jean Timar and Reine Néguin on the Biology of Behaviors and its applications.
This makes it possible to induce people's future behaviors and is not based on deductions, typology or psychology.

What is concretely studied?

The human brain picks up any situation, any circumstance, any information in the form of signals and responds by triggering a process of reflexion/decision/action which its own. This process solicits the 6 cortical layers and 12 pairs of cranial nerves which are at the origin of task-based impulses forming 12 operational circuits.
The organization specific to each of its 12 operating circuits will induce preferential behavior in a future situation.

Caractérisation des valeurs de l'entreprise

An operational circuit is composed of 3 of these task-based impulses.
This mapping, above, represents all operational circuits known to date with their first basic impulse for each circuit.
The answers to the stimuli of the questionnaire make it possible to classify the operating circuits in order of preferential use.

Caractérisation des valeurs de l'entreprise

The MPFParis tool makes it possible to identify its preferential behaviors, in order to mobilize its behavioral forces of know-how to amplify the valorization of its know-how: this is what defines Behavioral Intelligence®.

The 1014 possible combinations of classification of operating circuits show that they can evolve and that each person has his own behavioral intelligence.

These possible short- and medium-term developments are directly visible and their implementation can be facilitated by an appropriate choice of environment.

For the company's values, how do you manage to integrate them and how arethey treated?

The company defines its values and specifies their content in terms of appropriate behaviors.

In a 1st step it uses the MPFParis grid of behavioral criteria, all in correspondence with the operating circuits.

Adéquation pour l'efficacité attendue
Adéquation pour l'efficacité attendue

In a 2nd step, the MPFParis tool compares the chosen criteria with the operating circuits of the people.

Circuits simplifiés

This makes it possible to develop action plans for:

  • increase adequation with company values

  • limit risks.

How often (if necessary) should the questionnaire be repeated?

It is mainly the environment that favors the evolution of measurements of operating circuits.

Nombre d'itérations de questionnaire en fonction de l'âge

Making a new entry allows you to see the evolution of its mode of operation,
This may be the case:

  • In the age groups indicated in this diagram,

  • Or during a career development,

  • Or when making a lifestyle choice,

  • Or during a change in corporate culture.