Remote hiring

Behavioral Intelligence is making an increasingly important place in Human Resources because it promises to save time and money for recruiters. This approach makes it possible to rediscover talents or former internal and external applications rejected. Behavioral Intelligence makes it possible to re-examine them because they can now correspond to a newly created job offer.

Attracting young talents

The group in charge of recruitment builds a mix of indicators from the current thousand from the Behavioral Intelligence algorithm. Based on the results on certain criteria, it analyzes the behaviors of employees identified as "young talents". He applies them to other employees in office or to external candidates in order to know the potential that they can in turn become talents.

Succeeding together as a group and as a team

Behavioral Intelligence is becoming a decision support tool for building high-stakes teams. It makes it possible to bring together talents with high potential who need to have effective interactions between them without risk of friction. Thus, it avoids the difficulties of face-to-face and remote exchange and guarantees the achievement of objectives and deadlines. Simulations (online with the company) of team constitutions composed of different people reveal different efficiency measures. This makes it possible to interact live to identify the talents able to constitute the most effective team for the project.

Rethinking the quality of life
at work in person or while working from home

Behavioral Intelligence has the ability to detect talents with a high risk of departure based on criteria defined by the company such as difficulties in integrating into the group, work-life balance, the number of weekly days working from home, etc. The algorithm also makes it possible to study the latest departures from the positions to be filled and to compare the profile of the starter with that of all the talents in place. Corrective actions can be put in place immediately in cases of high risk of departure.

Strengthening the sense of belonging to the company and the need for personal development

The new Behavioral Intelligence approach makes it possible to promote employees quicker and in particular to suggest training paths. It is based on a global analysis of behavioral profiles in order to have a detailed vision of the professional development best suited to the soft skills of each employee. It combines existing internal information sources in the company and Behavioral Intelligence, by structuring talent management.