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MPF – How to use the trademarks MPF

Around the world, customers recognize and choose the MPF talent management solutions in relying on trademarks and services of the company marks, synonyms for high quality. Without these trademarks and these service marks (collectively “Trademarks”), the general public and businesses could not distinguish solutions MPF from those of other companies, nor easily identify the superior quality that represent trademarks MPF. It is therefore crucial that the marks of MPF are protected.

For instructions for the use of trademarks, see the site of INPI: National Institute of Industrial Property.

If, after reading the instructions for the use of the trademarks MPF, you still have a question as to their use, please send it to MPF will make effort to respond to your request. However, according to the number of requests, the response time may be several weeks. In the absence of response, the instructions for the use of the trademarks MPF apply.

Design of media marketing

If you are a developer, a partner, a client or another third party, always follow your style of design owner in the creation and production of marketing support. You may not copy the style of design MPF nor borrow design MPF elements.

Instructions for the use of elements covered by copyright of MPF

The use of texts, graphics, images, screen shots and other original elements from MPF sources must be approved by MPF. In addition, the use of elements of this type requires a notice of copyright (either next to the item or page footnote) indicating the copyright of MPF. You should use the following text:

“© < Year> MPF. All rights reserved.”

The license associated with the MPF photographs allows only their use by MPF. They should not be used by third parties in their communications.

MPF – Rights of copyright and trademarks

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Any reproduction or communication of this publication, even partial, by any process and for any purpose whatsoever, is prohibited without the prior express authorization of MPF. The information contained in this document may be modified by MPF without notice. Some software marketed by MPF and its distributors contain software components which are the property of third-party publishers. All other names of products and services mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. The data contained in this document are shown for informational purposes only. The specifications of the products may vary from one country to the other. The present information is subject to change without notice. They are provided by MPF for informational purposes only, without commitment or warranty of any kind. The MPF group may in no case be held liable for any error or omission relating to this information. The only guarantees for the products and services of the MPF group are those set out expressly guarantee accompanying, if any, such products and services. None of the information contained in this document constitute an additional safeguard.

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