All indicators can be combined, the Behavioral Intelligence algorithm is an HR decision support tool for recruitment, retention, training, team building and value sharing.

Behavioral intelligence, what are we talking about?

It is a set of bio-behavioral neuroscientific knowledge as well as mathematical and computer techniques that make it possible to accurately identify and measure certain traits of human intelligence behavior.

For the HR function, Behavioral Intelligence algorithm is able to process complex and constantly evolving data such as the current and potential levels of implementation of skills related to the job descriptions of candidates for internal mobility or external recruitment.

It makes it possible to compare the profile of the leaver to that of all the talents in the position and therefore to draw conclusions that gain relevance on all the positions to be filled.

Thus, the combination of Behavioral Intelligence and job profiles makes it possible to go beyond the usual HR references.

Le Quotient d'Iintelligence Comportementale, c'est?

It is a person's ability to evenly mobilize their right and left brain hemispheres in order to optimize the use of their softskills.

The BIC shows the actual level of use of their professional and personal capacity in an operational and visible manner.

Identifier et évaluer les softskills, pour quoi faire ?

For its talents as for the company, achieving their missions with the highest succes rate stays a primary objective.

Trusting their own accountability, teamspirit, leadership, resilience, self-control, tenacity, ..., a person's softskills shows their most positive current influences on their environment as well as the ones that are to become.

In that respect, whatever their job or their duties, focusing on their softskills development and enhancement, everyone will be able to grow some of their non-technical abilities therefore building for themselves and their surronding a gratifying, fulfilling and fruitful environment but also noticing their progress regarding their ability to deal with diverse situations and regarding their relationship with other people.


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